An Ana Day

Today, January 26, 2017, Ana had an appointment with the oral surgeon in Hattiesburg to see about removing 4 wisdom teeth. They, at least a couple of them are giving her significant problems. We decided to take a full day–we left early, and our first stop besides gas, was to the ENT for my allergy test–that shot under the skin to determine if you are allergic to the allergy shot. I think that is so ironic. I understand it…but it’s funny to me.

Then to Hobby Lobby–BTW–I passed the allergic reaction test. Thank you Lord, then we cruised the Shoe Station looking at shoes. Ana has to have a nude or white (she wants nude) pair of heels with enclosed toe for graduation. She will also need a pair of fancy black for prom. Then the mall where we replaced her Black Cherry soap from Bath and Body works, cause maw threw hers away. Shame on Me!!!

Then into a few more stores before hitting Hooters for lunch, after that we went to Best Buy.
I simply wanted cheap speakers and wire to run from my tv to the head of the bed so Terry and I could hear the TV. We are both getting deaf. BB only sells high end, quality stuff. Their customers want the best so cheap is NOT what they have.

Ok, so excuse me!!! We left and went and looked at PetCo, where we got Blaise a name tag, then on the other pet store for Ana to drool over the snakes..ugh…no…uhg…….into the Kitchen Store right by it that are so proud of their stuff I can’t afford it….then on to her Oral Surgeon. We were 30 minutes or more late being called back there, but the wait time to see the doc was blissfully short. Out of Hattiesburg and by Wally World in Columbia where we ran into some church friends, picked up what we needed and home.

I had Stacie pick me up a few groceries while she was in town this morning, since she had the EBT card and since I feed HER child, I deserve it. I told her I needed a bag of Quick Quaker Grits like I cook for breakfast…that child was raised here with me buying Quaker quick grits in the 5 lb bag. She brings home a box of instant. Ugh…oh well.

All in all, Ana and I decided we really enjoyed our day and we look forward to going back in Febuary on their Tuesday holiday–she thinks it’s President day and they are supposed to have MOnday and Tuesday off but Monday is a make up day so it will only be Tuesday. We plan to go back and look for prom dresses.

Yes, a good day.

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