Job Opening

February 19, 2017
Our church secretary resigned; or as far as I know secretary is all she resigned from.
It’s been coming. She’s been sick for a while. Her job duties have suffered. Her family wanted her to resign. She gave up the kitchen back last October/November.
*sigh* She’s been both easy and hard to work with—easy because she knows what she’s doing; hard because I never knew what I may say that would upset her.
I’ve examined my heart, my actions, even my attitudes. No, none have always been pure as the driven snow-but always an underlying desire to be kind has driven my actions. Have I griped from time to time when my bills and receipts were not forthcoming? Yes. I can’t do my job without the very things that make up my job.
But, I never could fuss at her about it. I knew she wasn’t well, and especially this past 9 months.
I’ve been accused of wanting her job and not speaking up for her. I pray if this is true, God will show me where and how. I can’t change the facts; I can do better in the future. We all grow and learn; regardless of how old we are. Help me continue to grow and learn.


Working woes

Last week at work, a fellow brought some clothes in to be dry cleaned—a couple of suits along with the fancy shirts to go with them. The collars were so very dirty, I wondered if the man ever, ever took a bath. Jeez!!!!!
Another one came with a rush job….brought it in on Thursday and had to have it back for Sunday, which meant it would be back in the store on Friday and he would need to pick it up on Saturday, if not late Friday afternoon, and he would need to be there before 12—closing time—on Saturday.
At around 10ish he or his woman called to verify the clothes were in-yes they were. At 10 till 12 they call, we are on our way. Excuse me!!!!! I waited and lo and behold if he didn’t try to keep me until way after 12. Ugh. People. If it were so rushed then why wasn’t he there on Friday to pick those clothes up.
Another thing brewing in my world is a lack of being able to do my church job properly. In order to pay the bills, I have to have them in a timely fashion. In order to reimburse people who have tied up their money-I need the receipts ASAP. It isn’t happening. Just not quite sure why the person responsible for getting all that to me is having problems doing so. Memory or lack there-of plays a huge part in the problem. Maybe there is more going on than I’m aware of. I know the Constitution and By-laws state that I’m to pay the bills handed to me by department heads—but when department heads OR even acting department heads hands me a receipt directly-then they are corrected. **sigh**
I’m getting too old for this stuff. I need every penny I make. I’m trying to help get a granddaughter out of high school and then through college. But my health is not what it used to be and I’d love to simply be able to do my job on time, in an orderly fashion, without having to run to the office mid week to write a check when I should be helping with other things, or be delayed on Sunday mornings writing checks when I need to be doing my Assistant Sunday School Director job. Again;…..**sigh**
Lord it is in your hands. Take care of it, please.

the Love month

February that is–of course all months, all days should be months, days and years of love. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. I won’t even attempt to begin to verbalize what I feel at the moment given the shape of our world-and the people in it. It isn’t just in the ‘big cities’ or Washington or politics–it’s everywhere!

On a brighter note, the little part time job is going well. I learn a bit more each week. I’m working out the details of the rest of my treatment-I think. That could change tomorrow…but for now I will pay the less that 8.00 a week for the supplies I will need, and the 3.30 co-pay for med. I don’t like that they billed me for the co-pay when I gave them a credit card to use–I will inquire about that when they call on Monday.

I’ve thought a lot about Ana these days. She qualifies for a full Pell Grant. She plans to go to school to be a nurse. I pray she will hang in there and study and pass. At the moment I don’t have a lot of faith in that.

She is going to stop teaching Black Light. Truth is, I can’t blame her for that one. The kids don’t listen and the pastor’s wife, who is the disiplinarian for the group has ADD and will ask the same question 10 times, all the time Ana is answering and she will bang her finger on the table and ask the question another 10 times. She questions everything Ana does, has to check out every song Ana wants to do and when Ana tries to do a song she wants done, she even questions that. *sigh* I’ve tried to get Ana to talk with her and the preacher, but she says it won’t do any good, and it might not. It is her life and she needs to make decisions, right or wrong and suffer the consequences of those choices.

I go Monday to be trained in giving myself my allergy shots. That will be a full day. Then , ran into my sister in Walmart this evening and she asked me to take her to Jackson Tuesday to the endocrinologist. Ugh–trouble is, she wants to get to my house at 7:30 to leave (after they drop the youngest daughter off at school) and it’s an hour and a half to get to where she is going with no traffic problems…or I think it is. I told her I’d just pick her up if I had to take her and her hubby could take the kid to school. I do not want to deal with him all day too. Ugh again…

It is going to be May and I won’t have any jellies made or new EO blends done with all these trips here and yonder. Ugh even again. 😀

Oh well, tomorrow will be a brighter day, I hope.