Job Opening

February 19, 2017
Our church secretary resigned; or as far as I know secretary is all she resigned from.
It’s been coming. She’s been sick for a while. Her job duties have suffered. Her family wanted her to resign. She gave up the kitchen back last October/November.
*sigh* She’s been both easy and hard to work with—easy because she knows what she’s doing; hard because I never knew what I may say that would upset her.
I’ve examined my heart, my actions, even my attitudes. No, none have always been pure as the driven snow-but always an underlying desire to be kind has driven my actions. Have I griped from time to time when my bills and receipts were not forthcoming? Yes. I can’t do my job without the very things that make up my job.
But, I never could fuss at her about it. I knew she wasn’t well, and especially this past 9 months.
I’ve been accused of wanting her job and not speaking up for her. I pray if this is true, God will show me where and how. I can’t change the facts; I can do better in the future. We all grow and learn; regardless of how old we are. Help me continue to grow and learn.

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