What a week-5/23/17

What a week!!

Sunday after church several couples met up at Sartinville to eat at De’St Germaine’s. Terry and I wanted to introduce Graham to the food, and it’s the habit of others to eat there following church.

Halfway through the meal Shandi texts me wanting to know if we are still at church. Eventually, she gets around to telling me the law has been there to speak with Terry (Paw) and they also want to talk with Ana. Anxiety attack big time—Ana has just walked out to go back to Judy’s (a cousin and friend), I chase out to catch her and ask why would the law be looking for her. She hasn’t a clue. She did say she and Donavan,. (a long time school friend and son of my hairdresser) had been out riding and got stopped by the law. The law searched the car but found nothing so let them go.

Back to the restaurant I go, anxious to pay and be on our way—Graham picked up the bill this time though. We hadn’t been home over 15 minutes when the law came by. First of all the detective was a laundry customer-he asks what am I doing here to which I reply that I live here. I introduce him to Terry and ask what the problem is. He proceeds to tell us there was a robbery last night (Saturday) close by, it was 2 males broke into XYZ’s trailer. They stole some money and other things including a cell phone. Said cell phone was pinging at our house..OMG. He asks us a bunch of questions and finally he says: Ya’ll don’t have a clue, do you? To which we said nope, we sure don’t. Ana hasn’t been here for a few weeks-she has been staying with friends, so we aren’t up on the gossip.

I text Ana to come over, and in a while she arrives. The Detective questions her and finally, after Ana comes in for about 15 minutes the detective shows up with the cell phone in an evidence bag. He has asked for a photo of the ping and enlarged it to discover it wasn’t pinging exactly IN our house, but up the road. The thieves had thrown the phone out up above the greenhouse.

The Detective told us that once he realized this was MY residence (he is a laundry customer) and that Terry worked for the country, he knew something wasn’t right. I assured him that as far as Terry and I were concerned, he was right, but with kids now days, one never knows, but I surely was glad to know that Ana had nothing to do with this incident. He said the girlfriend of the young man who owns the camper had given him Ana’s name along with the name of several other girls who might have had a part in this robbery. We told him she had given Ana’s name simply because Ana was friends with the neighbor girl who was slipping around and having sex with the owner of the camper a few months back. Oh what a tangled web people often weave.

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