Why oh why

Why oh Why

Why can’t I do at least a weekly catch up on this blog???? Lazy? Busy? No Words?

Maybe some of it all.

Got Ana registered at SWMJC for the fall semester. I sure pray she does well, stays out of trouble and makes something of her life. Some days I wonder. Some days she reminds me so much of her mother—and that is NOT good.

Speaking of: Mother left on Monday going to Howard’s and his wifes. Called Shandi Tuesday evening to see if she wanted some tenderloin brought for her to eat. Today is Friday, she still isn’t home. I figure the tenderloin is ruined by now. I figure mother isn’t at Howards and wife either. I figure mother is at Bruce Herrington’s and that is why she does not answer Shandi’s text or calls, my text or Terry’s calls.

She is alive. She replied to Ana this evening about Shandi’s phone #. She text Shandi around 4 saying she would be home tonight …yep…Terry called around 3:30 and left voicemail saying if she wasn’t home tonight he would report truck stolen. She won’t answer the phone but knows her dad will call the law.

I’ve lost a pair of pants at work. A sample pair came in yesterday. I didn’t rack them cause I figured the others would come today. Instead I hung them on one specific hook in the store front part. Today the 2 pair that were hemmed by the sample pair came in—the sample pair is not where I hung it. I did NOT hang anything else over them. I haven’t a clue. Maybe the delivery boy picked them up today thinking they needed to go back? Maybe someone stole them while I went for their clothes? I doubt that. Most folks that pay for clothes to be cleaned won’t steal. Maybe I let them go with someone else’s order but I didn’t think I had any other clothes hanging on that hook.

Oh well. I will pay for them if need be.

Ana came by today. She had been to Stacie’s to get some games from Shandi.

Freezer we bought in June—6/15—has damaged hinges and won’t seal. Called Lowes today after the repairman they sent gave us the verdict. I want Lowes to bring me a new one rather than me have to load this one up and haul it to them and then bring another one home. That’s ridiculous; especially given that it took forever to even get help loading that one.

Our new secretary is doing great. I’m so relieved to not have to do that job now…just help her along the way.

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