working for the public

I fought the law…..

Not really.

A few weeks ago a lady I knew from way back came in with some clothes to be pressed. This lady was the wife of a man named Frank. They were regular customers of ours when we had Salem Grocery. However, they were not very reliable at paying their bill.

Anyway-last week the clothes were back, she came in to pick them up. I brought them out and hung them on the hook to scan them and as I scanned and placed them on the ‘pick-up’ hook she examined them.

She says, I can’t have this. My daughter would die if I brought this to her. She leaves for work tomorrow, she has to have these clothes. She travels and this was a 150.00 dollar suit, this is horrible.

I offered to send it back and have it pressed again as the wrinkles in it was the issue she had. Two different suits of clothes were left to be sent back. They came in yesterday, I racked them and today before lunch she came in to pick them up. I brought them out and told her to examine them to be sure she was happy.

“They still haven’t pressed these,” she says.

“Ma’am I can’t say. Maybe it’s the type of fabric that really doesn’t look pressed.”

No, this has always looked good when it was pressed properly. I would not have brought them here but the other cleaner was closed.

After a while of griping she decides to pay for them. So she does…then she continues to examine them. Then she says, “Give me my money back.”

“I can’t” I say. She wants to know why and I tell her I’ve never been shown how to do it on the computer and I’m not sure I’m allowed to do so.

She says she will call the law. I tell her she will just have to do that, but offered to call the plant for her. She agreed to that, I did, the girl there says we can’t do refunds, and that I need to call the boss.

So I do…he says to tell her to call the law but she has to wait outside until they arrive. I do this, the chief of police comes in and tells her that this is a civil manner and she will have to see a judge. She asked him if she (not sure why she thought the judge was a she) was out there to which the chief of police says to her, “No ma’am, for this you have to go to the courthouse.”

She gathers her clothes and off she goes. About an hour later she comes back. She had taken them to the other cleaners to have them pressed. They refuse them because the buttons (wooden square ones) are broken. She wants me to reimburse her for the buttons. At this point our boss has already blocked her so there is nothing I can do but give her the plant address. It is 35 miles away, but off she goes.

A while later the girl who works at the plant called to let check on me. Said the woman about drove them nuts about the buttons, but finally she left.

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