Couple of weeks ago a guy came in with a brand new shirt. He needed the sleeves shortened to same length as the white shirt (which needed laundering also). I began the computer info and realized that 9.55 + tax just didn’t seem right to remove cuffs, shorten sleeves and replace cuffs. This guy always wears long sleeve. Period.

I call the seamstress and ask her about pricing—I say, “ 9.55 doesn’t seem enough to remove cuffs, shorten sleeves to length of sample shirt, then re-attach cuffs.” She tells me to go with that price and if there is a price increase she will adjust it.

I wrote in the notes on the ticket that sleeves needed to be shortened to length of sample shirt which was a long sleeve.

Saturday the guy comes in to pick up his shirts and when I scan them I realize they have made SHORT sleeves of his shirts, BOTH of them.

He must have this shirt by August 4th. He needs it to wear with a group of men for something. I didn’t ask what.

I guess from now on I need to type—remove cuff, shorten sleeve, replace cuff.

I know I do. Today the seamstress called concerning a coat my sidekick sent in to tighten up the buttons. We only have certain ‘codes’ for pricing. We don’t have a tighten button code, we have a replace button code. That is the code and pricing my sidekick used. The seamstress called to ask what did she need to do to the jacket? It said replace button but there were no missing buttons-I looked at the ticket and asked if there were loose buttons at which she said there were. I told her to tighten up the loose buttons. Geez!!!!!!

I love my job!!!!!

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