What a way to spend one’s anniversary—visiting a wayward daughter in jail and dealing with a grand’s anxiety attacks and change of direction in her career—from nursing to cosmetology (which has always been her first love)

Took Shandi to visit Stacie and so she could ask Stacie those importing questions burning holes in my mind—why did you lie to me, how can a mother do these things over and over to her child. No satisfactory answer was given, but Shandi felt good asking them; she also didn’t let her anger control her.

We were told that Bruce had held her hostage which is why she didn’t come back home; reminded me of when DHS took the girls and Stacie and I met the next day for a judge hearing and drug test—Stacie popped positive and said that Gary made her use.

We did get the EBT card, so were able to buy Shandi some groceries.

I meet with the lawyer Wednesday on the lifetime estate thing we drew up with Stacie having a lifetime estate—done so Stacie could file homestead and taxes would be lower. UGH.

Shandi’s SSI caseworker called yesterday. She had called several times but was calling the wrong number—probably either Stacie’s old phone or Shandi’s-anyway she was so shocked at what Shandi was having to endure, yet again.

Now that Roy knows Stacie is in jail, he is upping his desire to be bailed out so he can come help with Shandi. He does not comprehend that until she turns 18 or the charges are dropped, he can’t be in contact with her.

And life goes on…….

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