Latest on Stacie

Thursday she went before a judge and was released with a future court date of August 29.
Her dad went and picked her up, we both told her she needed to be cleaning the house and packing because she was gonna have to leave. We were through supporting her.
Several years ago, we had drawn up a property paper giving her a life time estate–we did it so she could file homestead exemption and taxed would be lower.
We had another paper drawn up last week, putting everything back in our name for the time being.
On Monday I went to the doc, having come down with a cold/sinus/chest congestion thing…when I got home I text her and told her I’d be done with bread around noon and we would go to town so I could pick up my meds…I’d seen the doc at 7:30 and the druggist doesn’t open until 8:30. I told her we would also get the papers signed and then go on and see her parole officer-which she had to do.
She did question the signing of the papers; I told her it was to put everything back in our name and she had to sign because her name was on it…then we went to the parole office.
I didn’t go in with her, but later I was sent after. He asked if I was really kicking her out and why-I told him because she wouldn’t work, she disappeared at least once a month and wouldn’t tell anyone where she was, she had hurt her children the last time and had wasted their money her last time.
He said, well you know I’m keeping her. He talked straight to her–about no job and her attitude. He told her that if she didn’t have a job by now she might need to figure out why people wouldn’t hire her.
Short story, she will see a judge most likely the 28th, or at least be at court. She may go before the judge and she may not–we who have been there know how these things go. It will depend on the judge.
She had it made, folks. If she would have stayed clean, paid her fine and made her monthly visits, once her fine was paid her record would be clean…and she had a felony drug possession charge against her…a charge that would be whiped clean if she did what she was supposed to do. But she didn’t.
We plan to try and find her a cheap car, so when she is released she will have a way to go…she can put what will fit into it and ride off into the sunset. It won’t be easy but she has made her choices. We, as parents have been good to her, too good to her for all these years.
Stacie is 42, with a college degree–she used to have a good personality, but through the years she has become this angry, bitter person, blaming everyone and everything for what is wrong with her. We can’t help her any more. All we can do is pray for her.
I’ve really been burdened because I was so afraid that Terry would change his mind, or I would change mine. But we can’t afford to do that–the children need protecting even though we should have done more years ago…maybe it isn’t too late to show them that we don’t put up with wrong treatment and actions.

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