Since I bought my new car back in May, I’ve tried to keep it clean and neat. Shandi and I washed it one day, but I figured out right quick that washing a car in the heat is not what I need to be doing.
I thought about running it through a car wash, but just never seemed to have the time.
Tuesday, on my way to FM I was thinking about calling over to the tire store which is just just down the street and across the road from the market..there is a guy there that washes cars for about 20 bucks a pop. He will detail it for 40.00
But I got busy and didn’t think a thing of it.
However, Phillip, the honey man left to take his wife’s car over for a detail job and came back complaining that no one was there yet. it wasn’t quite 7:00 at the time. Later, I saw Philip on the phone, but didn’t think anything of it and also saw a guy who comes in the cleaners talking to Phillip, but still I didn’t put 2 and 2 together. I didn’t have a clue what Lil Jay-Jeff (there is a story to his name) did for a living, I just knew he came in the cleaners from time to time.

An hour or so later, Phillip says–hey, Klara, your car is over at the tire store being washed. The guy took yours instead of mine. How he could mistake a Honda for a Lexus is a mystery to me.

I jumped up and ran to the side door and looked over at the tire store and yep, that was MY Honda under the shed being washed.

Hmmm, I say to Phillip, well I wanted it washed but not detailed, so he takes off to tell him to just wash it–but Lil Jeff detailed it too, and Phillip paid for it. I wasn’t gonna, since I didn’t tell him to wash it–I would have paid for a washing, but not for detailing. I’m perfectly capable of doing that.

Now, on Lil Jay-Jeff’s name…the lady who works the other half of the week has his name in the computer as Lil Jeff. First time he came in and told me Lil Jay, I couldn’t find his clothes. I told him there was a Lil Jeff, but no Lil Jay. He grins and says, I think the other lady put my name in wrong. So I bring the clothes out and compare phone numbers and he looks and says, yes, ma’am those are my clothes…so now we have Lil Jay-Jeff!!!!!