Response to a hurting friend

A friend posted she felt like a failure as a mom…my reply:
I felt like a failure also–then I began to look around and I saw many families with 2 children; both raised in good homes, both raised exactly the same–one stayed on the straight & narrow; the other went down the wrong path. We raise our kids the best we know how. We make mistakes; but so did our own parents. Then each of us reach an age of accountability–with God, with self, with life. That is where the choices often made are the wrong choices. I was one told that: unless I held my child down and forced drugs (or whatever) into them, I didn’t cause it, unless I locked them in a cage and threw away the key I couldn’t control them, and unless I was God (and I’m not) I couldn’t cure their problem–whatever that problem might be. I spent years blaming others for my children’s mistakes & problems. It was never any one else’s fault. It was always choices each of my children made.

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