catch up

Time for an update-

Hmm, December-just ahead of the snow storm we had prior to Christmas-phone rings and it’s son. Mom, we’ve been evicted, can we come up there? They had lived and worked on the yard where he rebuilt trailers for David Hood. David was going out of town to do a job, had hired a convicted felon and son having a record also was not supposed to be with such-so he refused to go.

So up they come; organize the little shed which I had just cleaned out most of my jellies and jams because I was setting them up in the enclosed carport that Ana had occupied most of her life.

The snow came, the electric went off for a couple days, we tried to have the Christmas Bazaar in the Farmer’s Market building, but it was so cold and roads so snowed over there wasn’t much traffic flow. So, we talked with the director, agreed to have it again the following Friday and home we came.

The first hitch came when AnnaD came up-that’s TA’s daughter, with a son under 2 years old and pregnant and the baby daddy gets abusive. So, ok, get a job, Robby and mama will watch the kid and we can deal. We put in lots of applications, but before anyone called her, she was back with the baby daddy…and life went on.

Robby started building me a cabinet to go in the kitchen were we had moved a freezer and small refrig from-Ana’s car needed brakes and he put those on; but noticed some front end and rear end problems. We began to get parts for that, first ones were the wrong ones…send those back and re-order.

TA got a phone call some point in January they were looking for AnnaD to work at a garment plant in town. I suggest that TA offer to work, she did, was hired and all was good. She used Terry’s Saturn to go back and forth, it’s good on gas and their truck isn’t in the best of shape.

Then here comes AnnaD again-TA takes her to where she works,she is hired, Robby babysits the munchkin and all seems well with the world….Robby has my Ana’s car torn down waiting on the parts, Ana now uses the Saturn because her trip is further, TA uses our old truck and I use my car.

January 30th, Robby has a court’s a monitoring type appearance given he and TA both had gotten into some legal trouble in ‘16 and ‘17, thanks to one of TA’s sons and his making meth. Long story short, they both were on probation, Robby and TA, Robby had met all his court dates, TA hadn’t, Robby tried to contact his probation officer concerning his being out of state with no luck; so we think we will go to court, see his probation officer and get all this out of state stuff done.

Wrong! Probation officer had an arrest warrant out on Robby, he was arrested and there I was trying to figure out what to do…couldn’t get hold of his PO.

Ya’ll know we don’t spin our wheels when they deserve to be where they are-but Robby didn’t this time, in my opinion, and I needed him at home. He had a car torn down that we couldn’t even get on a trailer to take anywhere, a cabinet half built and plenty of other things he and his dad were working on. I don’t know if son and father have ever gotten along as well as they are right now…so I went to work.

I called his PO, with the results of a half ass promise to talk with the judge. I emailed the judge’s assistant, and heard back the next week that if the PO would withdraw the warrant they would release him. I went to Louisiana the next Wednesday and spent the day down there talking with the PO in person and waiting. Finally, the PO said he had heard from the judge and yes, we could get Robby out, but it would be Friday. So Friday, TA and went go back to Amite and after a 5 hour wait we have Robby.

We go meet with his PO, who gives him permission to be out of state, they talk about TA’s missed court date, he tells them what to do—she comes back when he comes for his court date and she sees her PO, then takes care of any $$ owed and all will be well.

So, today, 2/14—Robby and TA plan to be married tonight by our pastor. Ana’s front end is finally back together and we hope to get it aligned today. A mechanic friend is helping find what we need to fix Ana’s rear end and Robby can maybe finish up the cabinet so I can share a pic of the finished product.

I’m experimenting with canning soups and cheese and making more gourmet jellies, when I’m not being a chauffeur for someone.

Life is full.

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