Ain’t life grand

Life is really grand, because it certainly isn’t boring.
Rita, I’m not quite knee deep in canning, as gardens have slowed down here, thankfully. We get a bit of okra and some jelly stuff here and there, but otherwise I’m having more time to play with oils and salves.

I saw my pulmonary doc yesterday for a regular checkup–Not good news. I have some new developments of my mycrobacteria, plus some pneumonia spots. Therefore, I go tomorrow for insertion of another pic line and another year of IV antibiotics.

I saw my doc in January–I had to go to the local clinic in March with a flare; I went again in May for the same thing. I’ve known I needed to be seen for almost a month now but kept self medicating with herbs and such until I could make it to my already scheduled appointment.

Prayers are that the Myco isn’t resistant to the one antibiotic I can tolerate.
Doc also prescribed saline so I can use Tea Tree Oil in my nebulizer–but my pharmacist says their warehouse is out but she will keep trying to order. I’ll be back in the pharmacy today so I plan to let them know how important getting some of this stuff is.

Have family coming up this weekend for Homecoming at our church. Shandi is being re-evaluated for disability since she is now ‘of age’. We go Saturday evening to a disability doc in Brookhaven at 3–even though her disability isn’t physical that is where we start. We have gone 3 times for her to take her drivers permit test–they have the head phones and the questions are read–she has failed each time. She is so discouraged.

Ana didn’t get into the cosmotology class she wanted–there is a waiting list a mile long-so instead of taking general course and as she put it ‘wasting time & money’, she went to work at a local plant for the time being. I’m very glad she did–it’s what I call manual labor for a woman and I’m sure she will decide right quick this isn’t what she wants with her life.:)–but then again, it is her life and she will be making her own money. Her car is torn up-engine problems; between us and herself, we will get it running as soon as Robby finishes the painting of the church which should be this week.

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