The IV saga

Well the PIC line was in place on August 8 and I had my first run of meds. Other than soreness and some pain, all was well. I did my FM as usual on Thursday, taking Ana with me to help unload and load back up. I made contact with my nurse concerning the regular admin of meds. Due to my insurance or lack there-of, I would have to go to the hospital daily to take my hour of medication. I fought against this, called the infusion people, argued over how 3.00 a day for supplies, which I paid in ’17, had gone to 30.00 a day all to no avail. I did pay the 30.00 a day for meds to cover me for the 16,17 & 18 of August since we had a trip planned.
I made my first trip to Walthall General for meds on August 10, at 8AM. After 30 minutes of checking in, I was directed to the Out Patient area where I rang a bell a waited for someone to let me in. A rather short, large lady was my CNA. Her name was Mary & I knew her from back in the nursery day. Stephanie was my RN. I didn’t know her well, but her sister had been the bus driver for the girls all the school lives. Stephanie is good at what she does, a bit sharp in speech, but she has a good heart. And so we settled into a routine-during the week I went into out-patient; on weekends I went through the ER, but still as out-patient.
Other than sometimes waiting an extra long time to be checked in, the 5 days of the week have gone smoothly. The ladies are getting used to seeing me, they know what to do, they know about what time I’m coming–we have moved my time to around 1-2 PM for my convenience–and they have as much ready for me as possible.
I take a book a read and enjoy that past time I don’t usually get to indulge in or simply take a nap. Other than losing 2 1/2 to 3 hours a daily from leaving home to returning-it isn’t so bad.

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