Sick, just sick

Lord, I didn’t know it could be this way. Lord, I didn’t know people could be so awful, so vindictive, so hateful.
Lord, I pray for us, as a family, I pray for our church, I pray for my sister and her daughters.
When people don’t get their way they can turn into 2 year olds throwing a tantrum.
*shakes my head*
*wipes my tears*
Old men in the church grab big breasted women’s boobs, that’s ok.
But the preacher tells a couple stories in his sermon and that is a reason to impeach.
Deacons gossip and spread it all through the church-that’s ok.
The preacher shares a a prayer concern, and it’s reason to impeach.
Leaders speak of certain people in the church with venom in their voices-that’s ok.
Don’t let the pastor speak in any way that sounds as though he is mocking, it’s reason to impeach.
Church staff does a half-*## job at their given duties, that’s ok.
But let the preacher rest his aching legs by sitting on the banister while he preaches and he has to go.
Young teens wear minimum clothing to Sunday worship, that’s ok…
but the preacher doesn’t wear a suit and that’s a reason to impeach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Double Standards..
No walk with the Lord

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