Not Everything is about me!

Someone puts a post on Facebook pointing out that some people will lie–I immediately wonder what lie have I told now?…..knowing good and well I don’t lie; not deliberately anyway.

A post is shared on social media about fake friends and true friends; I’m estranged from a friend–immediately she/he is talking about me.

A scripture is shared about right and wrong-love and hate-anything….the preacher is making digs at me!!!

God only knows what moved that particular person to post/write or otherwise share what they shared. They may have been thinking of someone in their past. It may very well have spoken to THEM in their time of need.

So why do we automatically assume that everything anyone with whom we are out of sorts with is posting stuff about us.

Many years ago a dear friend of mine taught me a very important lesson. We had gone to a craft show together; she, my hubby and I. We had a wonderful morning but around noon a heavy thunderstorm blew up, it thundered and lightened, the wind blew and the rain came down hard and fast. Canopies were blown around, people’s ware were blown over, wet, damaged and otherwise in disarray. All my woodwork got wet. All my friend’s tee-shirts were wet. We gathered it all up, stuffed it in the van and drove home to dry it all out.

On the ride home I asked this question: You know, I haven’t been attending church like I should. You think God is punishing me because of that?

My friend looked at me and with all the love she felt for me she said: Klara, God would not punish all those people just to punish you for not going to church regularly. You are not that important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always think of that when I’m temped to take it personally. Yes, I do look for the message God is sending me, but I don’t think I’m so important that God would wet a whole craft show just to get to me. So when you read that post on social media, look for the lesson, apply it if it’s applicable. Please don’t see it as being a jab at you! Not everything is about YOU.

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