Persistence & Prayer

In the beginning of this year long IV run, due to insurance or the lack of sufficient insurance-I was told that it would be 30.00 a day to receive my medication and supplies at home/whereas insurance would cover supplies as an outpatient at the local hospital. So, I began driving to town daily, spending 30 minutes or more being checked in and awaiting the IV nurse & medication, then the hour for the drug to run. I sometimes was shivering by the time the hour was up-especially in ER, in spite of having 3 blankets and a hoodie on with the hood over my head.
After about a week, I called infusion partners again, talked to them, and after consulting with her manager the lady said 15.00 day would be the best they could do. I asked that they let me try the hospital route and think on it.
Well come to find out, yes insurance will pay, but I have 20% balance to cover. The hospital charges from 500-over 700 a day to administer the meds. I didn’t think the 20% I had left to pay was manageable to me over the long haul, not to mention the inconvenience, the cold, the germs and the wear on tear on me and my vehicle.
So yesterday, I called IV infusion and as we discussed exactly what I needed she came up with a quote that was less than 7 a day–delivered the same day if needed. Oh yes ma’am! Elated I called the hospital, praising God for answered prayers; yet I didn’t feel that I could fully rejoice until I heard news from our pastor who was under going some kidney function tests. Being an insulin dependent diabetic, his kidney function was troubling the doctor. He had various test run and was to hear from them last Friday-but didn’t even though the results were on the doctor’s desk. I text him to find out and after about an hour or so he sent out a mass text saying that his numbers were better -a change of meds and other diet changes were in order and then I could truly rejoice.
Thank you, God-as always you are on time, on point and so good to us all. I often fail to rest in that truth.



For over a year I’ve had a PIC line in through which I received IV antibiotics for Mycobacterium lung disease. I took various antibiotics, several of which made me deathly ill, one damaged my hearing, so I ended up on Zithromycin for about a year.

PIC line is gone, PTL.
However, there are spots in my lungs that were not there last time I saw him-which was late last year. He says some of it is pneumonia; some may be mycobacterium–but some appears to be different and may be something that has become resistant and has broken off.
I have an oral antibiotic to take, if i can possibly tolerate it, Cepro, and if I feel better after taking that, come back in 3 months. If I don’t get better, call and come on in. I got him some sputum to have tested but may still have to do the scope if the meds don’t clear me up.
He also did not like the sound of my heart valves–I have mitral valve prolapse–so sent me for an echocardiogram. Of course, blood drawn.
Right now I’m eating yogurt and I’ve restocked my probiotics and  am preparing my stomach for this new med. Praying I can tolerate it, praying it does it’s work.
I did enjoy my first hindrance free shower this morning in over a year. 😀 :D. I told Ella, pastor’s wife and precious friend, that I scrubbed everything twice, shaved everything good, and just enjoyed not having to worry about wetting a bandage.