Saturday, Sept.6, 2008

Wow, I feel like poop today. Spent the morning waiting to go to town and take care of some banking. Money to deposit, bill to pay, checks to pick up and then take the girls to a counseling session.

Working in the dust cleaning the tag shed has played havoc with my lungs. But they will get better.

The girls had a reasonable good session, although Ana wanted to be in control and thus didn’t get a prize. She seemed ok with it. I know she’s heading toward pre-adolescence and I sure dread that.

Sylvia wants us to start taking Shan to a pediatrician for her medication. She recommended Dr. Charles at the Children’s Clinic in McComb.

Then spent the evening digging around on html websites while Terry got ready to go fishing.

I have spent the night reading html and looking for code to do pics for the nursery website. Maybe I need to stop reading and looking and start doing?

Sunday tomorrow and I pray that SS goes well. I just haven’t been up to par on teaching here lately. This too shall pass.