Tuesday, Sept.2, 2008

This morning my sis in law drove in from the next county up bringing the food from her freezer. She was w/o power and didn’t know for how long. So we put it in our freezer. We had lost power yesterday around 11, but got it back around 8 last night.
Then we decided to boil some shrimp since it was raining and we couldn’t work–so we did that, then we played cards with sis in law, Stacie and the girls all evening. Along with playing cards, we dug out some pre-made cookie dough and let the girls make cookies.

Then I got ready for al-anon.
We’re fine, just lost shade cloth off a house and some plastic. We¬† have a few plants blown over but that’s no biggie.

Oh, I have two 100 gallon water tanks made of plastic and I have water plants and gold fish in them. Today I noticed a huge glob of eggs in the bottom on one of them. I might have me some baby goldfish one day. I’ve enjoyed those little fish so much. I just started fooling with water plants a few months ago. I went to the bait shop and got a pound of goldfish for 8.00, much cheaper than walmart. Then I almost killed them because I had them in a wading pool with no oxygen going in–so I bought a small aquarium pump and saved about 10 of them. Then I bought the large water tanks and have been having a ball with ’em.


Back in power

Shortly after sending the previous post, we lost power. Hubby and I were bottling up hot sauce when the lights flickered and then went. Thankfully we finished that job, ending up with 40 bottles of the red fire he calls hot sauce.

Then it was just wait it out. Daughter came down with the girls and we played Golf and Uno, cooked a late lunch, early supper and ate while the wind blew and the rains came down.

Seems there was a tornado came through about 3 miles south of us. I don’t know of any damage done in our area, but should find out more tomorrow.

It was really depressing in a way to think we might be without power for several days. Memories of Katrina were forefront in all our minds. I am most grateful that the power was restored and I am now writing about my day.

It still feels eerie out there. It’s dark, the rain comes in sheets, blowing almost east to west. At times the gusts bend my gardenia over to the ground. With all the rain we’ve had in August, if this continues there will be more trees down for sure. I pray none of them land on houses or injure any people.

10:11 am Sept 1, 2008

We still have power here. It’s windy, little rain as of yet. WalMart in McComb shut down for the day which is a miracle, so Stacie didn’t have to travel to work.
We’re putting up hot sauce, I’ve cleaned the house, somewhat. Hid a lot of the girl’s stuff they leave in the living room. I keep telling them to put it away; to watch tv or play but don’t do both at same time. They still clutter it up with everything under the sun–so it is now hidden and they must earn it back.
We expect to lose power though. The way the wind is blowing, there will be a limb fall on a power line and there it will go. Hopefully it won’t be for a long period of time.


I just got off the phone with my mother in law. She, along with her second husband, Al, her oldest daughter, Judy, her husband, Robert all live at Moss Point, Ms.

Mother and Al aren’t in the best of health. Al has alzheimers and mother has everything wrong with her. They simply aren’t able to leave home in the wake of this storm. Where they live, should Gustav hit land further east than presently predicted, they would incur flooding and possibly other damages.

Right in behind Gustav is Hanna and behind her are several other weather situations they are watching. It looks like we’re in for some rough weather.

Katrina did teach us all some valuable lessons. Be prepared, even if you don’t think you need to be prepared. Value your family, don’t worry about possessions and trust in the Lord.

Those days following Katrina, 18 days with no electricity, no generator to water our nursery plants with and several days without ice were tough–but we’re a strong group of country folks and we made it. We figured out a way to water the business plants once the community water was restored. Cell phones kept us in contact with friends and family. We all spent more time with each other.

Watching this storm reminds me of all the moments that were special during that time..the first time I’d ever experienced major damage from a hurricane this far north of the coast line.

Mother doesn’t want to be home in the storm. She doesn’t want to leave home either. What a decision faces them. I can be grateful that I don’t have to leave my home. I can stand right here and watch the wind blow and see what is going on.