Life in MS on Elf-Hill

This is MY space.

I will share: about me, my faith, my likes, my hobbies, my crafts–and a whole lot more.

Come on in! Watch me grow. Read what makes me tick and what ticks me off.

Browse my herbal sections–what herbs are and how they help us, what I make from herbs. There are oils, tinctures, salves and body butters as well as other concoctions.

Check out my jellies, jams and pickles; and don’t forget the homemade bread section.

This is a work in progress-walk with me.


1 thought on “Life in MS on Elf-Hill

  1. Dearest Klara,
    What a blessing it is to feel and read the love in your words…..even your venting. LOL, there is wisdom there too. It has been through your devotion to journaling that your loved ones will know the inner thoughts of you and those special qualities that set you apart as the individual you are.

    What the Lord did not bless me with through a blood line, He brought me through a heart line. Today is a day of gratitude for me….and I counted you as one.


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